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4A. Stairways Stairway with acoustic detection. Halogen bulbs, 50 Hz light fittings or non-dimmable HF ballasts Carbon Dioxide Emissions
4B. Stairways Stairway with acoustic detection and “Dynamic lighting control”. Dimmable light fittings with HF ballasts and 1–10V control or DSI Carbon Dioxide Emissions
4C. Lift hall Landing in stairway, with IR detection and auxiliary detector with level selector. Dimmable light fittings with HF ballasts. Requires light fittings with 1–10V control Carbon Dioxide Emissions
4D. Lift Lift with IR detector. IR detector and halogen bulbs, 50 Hz, non-dimmable or dimmable HF ballasts Carbon Dioxide Emissions
4E. Stairways Stairway with acoustic detector and incandescent lighting. The light fittings in this stairway have standard incandescent bulbs (not low-energy bulbs) Carbon Dioxide Emissions
4F. Stairways Stairway corridor with two lighting channels, “Dynamic lighting control” Carbon Dioxide Emissions