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9A. Office Presence detection in office premises with passive IR detection and logic module that is shared by two rooms. 50 Hz light fittings, non-dimmable or dimmable HF ballasts Carbon Dioxide Emissions
9B. Library Combination solution: IR and auxiliary acoustic detectors in area that is difficult to monitor and where movements are small, such as a library. 50 Hz light fittings or non-dimmable ballasts Carbon Dioxide Emissions
9C. Large office Large office with IR detector, Dimmable HF ballasts, daylight-dependent lighting and On/Off logic Carbon Dioxide Emissions
9D. Offices / team rooms Offices or team rooms with passive IR detectors, Dimmable HF ballasts and dynamic lighting control Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Open-plan offices See application 11A, which shows an open-plan office with many different types of areas and different systems for presence detection and lighting control Carbon Dioxide Emissions