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Dynamic Control
Dynamic Control
Dynamic Control
Dynamic Control

Dynamic Control

Acoustic Detector
The dynamic sound detector will hear your footsteps over a wide area and before you gain entrance the lights are on. When leaving the lights will turn off saving electrical power and reducing carbon emissions.

Passive Infrared Detector (PIR)
The detector has been surpassed by the acoustic detector but still has a useful function in detecting movement.
Used widely in the intruder alarm markets but not in conventional lighting control.

Logic Modules
The system brains that hears and sees sounds and movement. Controls all logic patterns and discriminates frequencies.
The digital logic module provides automatic control of the lighting with the aid of the sensors.

Level Switches
As the name suggests sets the correct levels that the dynamic system should work to specification, from HF sound levels to light levels and density of fields.
Controls the presence sensors and has a built in timer.

IR Detector PD-2200/2400
The lens on the presence detector can be changed to suit the required premises or area. The number 15 lens is standard and there are 41 other different lenses.

Combined IR/Acoustic Auxilary Detector PD-2210HF
The IR detector operates in the same way as the PD2200 but with an auxiliary acoustic detector which detects sound in a frequency range of 3-7 kHz.
This range detects the sounds of footsteps and speech. If this range is detected the lights are kept switched on.

Diagram detecting infrared radiation and infrasound
The Red/Brown shows the radiated level of Infrared Detection. The Blue shows the infrasound detection.