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Acoustic and PIR Dynamic Systems for Intruder/Access and Energy Saving Lighting Control.

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Acoustic Control Planning Guide

Information on Garage, Corridors, Classrooms, Stairways, Sports Halls, Archive Warehouse and Warehouse Aisles,
Basement and Attic Aisles, Changing Rooms and Toilets, Offices and Libraries, Industrial Workshops, Open-Plan Offices,
Other Premises without Control Logic, Air Conditioning, Lens Library

Acoustic Control of Access and Lighting.

The Acoustic microprocessor controlled detector senses only very low, inaudible frequencies (infrasound 0-3 Hz).
Such low frequencies occur for example when doors open or illegal operation of windows.
This detector is deaf to all other sounds.
The integrated changeover relay becomes energised when sound is detected and remains energised during
the time set on the integrated timer.
The detection system is so fast the lights will energise before the door is open a few inches, illuminating the area
for save passage or lighting an intruder who is attempting to gain access illegally. The acoustic system can cover
a large area allowing maximum security and safety entering dark unlit premises.

PIR Control of Energy Saving Lighting.

Traditional Passive Infrared (PIR) detectors can reduce energy consumption by automatically switching off
lighting when it is not required in offices, factories, hospital and host of other premises and applications.

This addresses the increasing pressure on companies from both governments and environmental groups to reduce energy
consumption assisting in lowering global warming and reducing our carbon footprint. This means that areas of
unnecessary lighting have come under scrutiny. Twenty Seven (27) per cent of the power generated in the UK
is lighting related and in parallel to this, there is a need for improved lighting particularly in exterior areas
to deter potential intruders, thief and crime in general.

Dynamic Control using Reduced/Soft/Low Light Dim.

The Dynamic Control of fluorescent lighting extends to 25 percent energy saving reduced lighting where the human
eye cannot see any difference in 100 percent to reduced 75% fluorescent lighting. Soft Dim dynamic control reduces the
lighting to a preset level of 30% giving considerable energy saving with low light level for emergency and CCTV
surveillance. The Low Light Dim control allows car drivers to accoustomise their eyes in a car park/garage to the
outside night darkness allowing greater driving safety.

LED Fluorescent Lamps used in
Dynamic Lighting

As well as the energy saving of the Extronic Lighting Control system, considerable additional energy saving can be
achieved by using the new technology of Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) fluorescent lamps and other LED types.
These LED fluorescents use 67% less energy for an equivalent light output, have a return on Capital Purchase of
1 year. Standard fluorescent lamps have a life of
8,000 hours (usually one year), the LED fluorescents have a life of 80,000 hours (eight years) further cost saving
can bve gained in lamps replacement, less heating, no disposal costs. Our LED Fluorescent and Floodlights,
down lights & lamps offer clean, cool white light, suitable for any application.

Luminaries and Lamp Fittings

A range of luminaries from standard battens, Zone 1 and 2, Explosionproof Exd and emergency lighting.
Interior Luminaires, Industrial Luminaires, Roads and Park Luminaires, Explosion-Proof Luminaires, Floodlight Luminaires,
Special Purpose Luminaires, Garden Luminaires, Positional Architectural Luminaires, Downlight Luminaires,
Emergency Luminaires, Exclusive Road & Amenity Luminaires.